Yas! Video Chat and Games

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Yas is a multiplayer video chat platform with games!

We offer fun and casual gaming experiences that fill the gaps of conversations between you and your friends. We offer easy video capture so you can easily share experiences easily to Instagram or TikTok.

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Our video chat experience is unique.

With new games every two weeks, we provide a new way for you to end video chat fatigue. Each game is designed to make you the star.

Our games include:

What am I

What am I” challenges your friends to guess what object you have turned into. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

  • Laugh Challenge

Can you keep a straight face in the presence of pure comedy? Watch the funniest internet videos with your friends or alone. If you smile you lose the challenge.

  • Nose Paint

Your nose is your paint brush! Guess what your friends are trying to paint with their noses in this multiplayer game that challenges your design skills. The person who guesses the most right wins!

  • Reaction Time

Test your reaction time with your friends. The person with the fastest reaction time wins.

  • Whisper Challenge

You are muted! You must share your phrase with your friends before time runs out.

With new games every two weeks we aim to change the way people video chat, one game at a time.